Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sally's Haul

Hi Ladies! I ordered some things from Sally's about a week ago and it finally arrived! I am slowly becoming addicted to online shopping lol, it feels like Christmas everytime I get something in the mail. I can't wait to try out all my new products, I have never used any of these before. Here is what I got:

Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol Conditioning Treatment
Proclaim Argan Oil Hair Oil Treatment
Tangle Teezer Original Pink
Gold 'N Hot Jet Bonnet Dryer Attachment
GVP Conditionign Balm: Compare to Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm
GVP Detangler: Compare to Paul Mitchell The Detangler
GVP Hair Reconstrucor: Compare to Joico K-Pack

After reading reviews on the Tangle Teezer I had to get it. I don’t detangle nearly enough, so hopefully this will encourage me to do so. I also can’t wait to try all of my new conditioners. I have a GVP brand flat iron and the reviews looked good for the conditioners, so I thought I'd give them a try for 5 dollars each. I have never used the Joico K-Pak or Paul Mitchells the Detangler so I won't be able to compare them to the originals, but I do love Biologe Conditioning Balm so it would be great to have a cheaper alternative. I randomly decided to pick up the Soft Bonnet Dryer, hopefully it will help with my deep conditioning and I may occasionally use it to dry braidouts faster. I also cannot wait to try the Argan oil, it has great reviews and I have heard great things about it! I'll be posting reviews once I get a change to try it all out!

If anyone has experience with any of these products good or bad let me know!
<3 T


Tanisa O Rossi said...

You got some great things! I hope you have pleasant results with them all.

Sher said...

lovely haul hun

Keianna Johnson (KeeKeeAllNatural) said...

WOW! I can't wait to see your remarks on all the products.

Dee said...

I use the SE Mega Cholesterol. Even though it has mineral oil (boo) it works GREAT! I usually lightly coat my hair with coconut oil, especially on my ends, then apply the cholesterol avoiding getting any on my scalp. I tried the GVP The Detangler when I was relaxed and wasn't too impressed, hope you like it though.

ROS said...

Let us know how the soft bonnet dryer works!

Nish Gibson said...

I am an old natural, although I went back to relaxed I still use all the same hair tips. I just started using the generic paul brand at sally's and it is WONDERFUL!

Tierra said...

Thanks ladies! I cant wait to try everything.
@ Dee thanks for the tip! Too bad it didnt work for u, I'm going to try it one day this week.

@ Ros I'm prob going to write a review for it but It is too big for my head lol. Some of the reviews complained about that and I have a small head so I should have known.

@ Nish at hope it works for me too!

+XOXO+ said...

do you experience severe single strand knots? If not, how do you combat them?

Jasmine said...

ooh lucky you! you make me wanna go back to Sally's even though i just picked up some things 2 weeks ago. how would the Detangler be used? would it act as a leave-in?

Tierra said...

@XOXO: I do experience single strand knots, but I wouldnt call them servere. I know I got more this summer when I wore alot of wash and goes. I heard oil rinsing helps, I plan on trying that. It also helps alot to keep the hair streched instead of in its natural shrunken state. Im not ready to let go of my wash and goes so Ill have to deal with the knots. They dont seem to hinder progress too much. HTH

@ Jasmine :LOL you can never have enought hair products right? But I have no idea. I think I may use it to cowash and detangle or just to cowash.

+XOXO+ said...

ah! thanks for the tip! I'll try the oil rinse-a-ma-gig!

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