Monday, January 3, 2011

Hair Regime and Goals for 2011! (+ pics of wet bun)

So I think it is about time I come up with a hair regime. I have been just going with the flow for the past 12 months and I have gotten ok growth, but Id like to grow and retain more in the next 12 months. Im not really giving myself a time frame to meet goals right now, but I would eventually love to be waist length, right now i am grazing APL.One thing I know I need to do more of is deep conditioning. I do a lot of cowashing, but I don't deep condition nearly enough.I also have been straightening my hair way too much the last couple months or so, esp December. I guess it wasnt that much since I may have only straigtened it twice all spring and summer. Luckily I don't have any noticable heat damage. One of my goals is to start doing more natural styles like I did in the spring and summer, and to stop using straight hair as my go to style for special events. I think the cold is playing a big part in why I am opting for straight hair instead of wash and goes, puffs, twist, and braidouts. So far I plan on :

1. Cowashing every 2-3 days with V08, Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship, or Aussie Moist , leaving in a considerable amout of the conditioner, sealing with olive oil(or coconut once i get more), and wet bunning by slicking back with a little eco styler. This will be my hair style during the work week.
Here are a couple pictures of my everyday wet bun:

I can't wait until it is bigger and I can do a cut high bun!

2.On weekends if I am going out I will either wash and go with Knot Today or Giovanni Direct Leave In with Kinky Curly Custard or Wash and Condition then Lightly blowdry and do do a braid out.

3. I will deep condition atleast once a week, probably Friday nights. I am not sure what I will be using yet, I will probably do a lot of experimenting. I do like Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol. It is cheap and works well with my hair.

4. I also want to revist twist agian, and will probably do them agian sometime in the spring.

I hope to do a lot of experimenting with products and natural styles instead of boring straight hair lol so I should have a lot to post!



K.D. said...

Girl, I'm loving your natural curls! I'm transitioning and I can't wait to get that "curl pop" when i'm completely natural.


Sher said...

Im so loving ur hair,very beautiful hun thanx for sharing

Tierra said...

- Thanks K.D.! Good luck with your transition, I was so excited when I transitioned I had no idea how my hair was gonna turn out.

- Thanks so much Sher!

Faces by Tamara said...

Your coils are so beautiful. Good luck on your new reggie!

Tierra said...

Thanks Tamara!

Jasmine said...

your hair is so pretty. i'm a month away from my 2 month mark, and i haven't even tried a bun yet.

Tierra said...

Thanks Jasmine! I couldnt wait til i could do a half decent bun so i could be lazy with my hair lol

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