Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tumblr loveee

So I havent been posting much, mainly because It is sooo hot and I havent been doing my makeup and when I do I don't like the way my face looks lol. I also have been super lazy with my hair. I was planning on doing a braidout tonight but I was too tired. Hopefully tomorrow I will get some pictures of whatever I do. I need to get a tripod so I can do OOTD post. Whenever I have a cute outfit I can never get anyone to take a good picture of me lol.

Found this Tumblr when looking in my stats.All the pictures are of beautiful stylish women with natural hair! I could look through it all day,tons of fashion and hair inspiration! 
check it out!

Have a wonderful night ladies!


Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans said...

I am the same way, haven't really been wearing makeup either, it is just HOT! Gross! I am obsessed with Tumblr, I pretty much get all my photos from their, for my Tuesday post.

I have been thinking about buying a tripod too, & few days ago, I was in the garage, I saw one. It was in the box too, I need to go take a better look, & see what I can do with it.


Oreleona said...

mee too! i am also obsessed with tumblr! need to get a tripos too so i can do OOTDs im just being lazy in d summer

PrincessJasmine said...

thats exactly how i feel about getting a tripod my husband will take one pic and be like okay lets go and about 90 percent of the time it comes out horrible. but i have become a tumblr addict too. lol

Lady said...

She has amazing hair!

Sher said...

love the hair!!!!!!!!

Tierra said...

@Sarmin, You def do! I would have been opened it up lol.

@Oreleona: Yea, I'm def being lazy too, its terrible.

@Jasmine: every picture people take of me sucks lol.

@Lady: She does!

@Sharon: I love it too!

Licklemslady said...

omg that’s my tumblr ^_^ im surprised you didn’t find your photo up there cause i post them all the time ( linked to your blog of course) Im so glad you like it!!!

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