Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rock and Republic Haul + Swatches (Part 1)

Hello Ladies! If you haven't heard Rock and Republic Cosmetics has been on sale on their official website and was on sale on Haute Look about a week ago. I placed 2 orders on the Rock and Republic website, and the first order arrived today! In this order i got 3 eye shadows (Provocative, Chronic, and Denim) and Shameless Blush. The eye shadows retail at $28 and the blushes at $40. If I paid full price this would have cost me $124 dollars plus shipping. Luckily I only paid 55.95 with shipping included, and if i used the $25 referral code like I did for my second order it would have been 30.95. Either way it is still a great deal! The eye shadows were on sale for $14. Although the blush was full price I used the code: Rockcosmetics and my entire order was half off! (The code still works!)

One thing I love about this brand is the packaging! It is kinda big and heavy but it is really pretty and shiny :

The Products:
Eyeshadows: 28$
From their website: "- Available in Three Finishes: Matte, Satin, or Shimmer
                               - Long Wearing, Formulated for Easy Application
                               - Richly Pigmented
                               - Fine- Jet Milled Powder
                               - Full Range of shades "

Provacative, Chronic, Denim

Denim, Provacative, Chronic
(applied over Urban Decay Primer Potion)

Denim is a a matte navy blue shade.

Provacative is a shimmery cranberry color

Chronic is a shimmery forest green 

Blush: 40$
From their website: "-Smooth, silky texture
                               -Available in three finishes: matte, shimmer and transluent
                               -Can be used to highlight or accent"

Shameless is a pinkish brown color with gold shimmer

Shameless on my cheeks:

Before I ordered Shameless I thought it would be similar to my favorite blush MAC Sweet as Cocoa, and I was right. It is practically identical! Sweet as Cocoa is very slightly darker and Shameless has a little more gold shimmer but it is pretty hard to tell the difference between the two. I do think I will be reaching for Shameless now instead of Sweet as Cocoa .

Sweet as Cocoa is the smaller one on top

I suck at getting good blush swatches, but you can see how similar the colors are:

Right to Left:MAC Sweet as Cocoa, Shameless

On cheeks:

Right- Sweet as Cocoa, Left - Shameless

Final Thoughts: While these products may seem very pricey they are very good quality and you get a lot of product. The eyeshadows are double the size of MAC shadows and the blushes are huge. Its definitely worth it to take advantage of  all the sales and discounts while they are available. The eyeshadows live up to all their claims, they are very pigmented and silky which make application a breeze. The matte color Denim is very creamy and easy to apply for a matte.

I adore Shameless blush. Sweet as Cocoa has been my favorite blush for years, and now I have found something that is pretty much identical to it but better! Shameless seems to have a little bit more gold shimmer that make you cheeks extra glowy, but if you already have Sweet as Cocoa it really isnt worth it to spend the 40$.

Ill be back with Part 2 this weekend!


Danielle87 said...

What a great deal. I've been stalking hautelook for that nyx they're having tomorrow morning. Hopefully I will luck out and everything I want will be at a good price.

Tierra said...

Omg I didn't even know about that sale tomorrow. Why did you tell me that lol. I def have to check that out. thanks!

Hermine said...

Umm, i'm kinda confused with the MAC and R&R swatched on your cheeks. Is the swatch on your cheek without dimples the MAC? :)

xoxo Hermine

Tierra said...

Sorry, those are both shameless. The only pic of my face that I am wearing Sweet as Cocoa is the straight on picture

Sher said...

awesome haul hun,love it all. We dont have this brand in the UK but it looks great,nice swatche4s

Tierra said...

Thanks Sher, didn't realize u were in the Uk.

Ayesha Monique said...

I like provocative, but I love the shameless blush on you

Tierra said...

Thanks! I really love shameless!

Jamie said...

I was on the fence about purchasing this shade of R&R blush but your face swatches sold me on it! It looks beautiful on you. I have also been eyeing the MAC Sweet as Cocoa blush, and I didn't even realize they are a dupe for one another. Now I can just get Shameless and save money as well. Thanks for the review! =)

Tierra said...

You are so welcome! Before I ordered shameless I thought they would be similar, but not as similar as they are. Hope you love it!

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