Friday, December 10, 2010

In the Nude- My favorite nude lipsticks for dark skin!

I wasnt very interested in the Tartan Tale collection and didnt plan on getting anything, but I ended up ordering The Faerie Glen at the last minute since I loveeee nude lips! My go to nude is MAC Touch lipstick with  MACs Mad Cap lipgloss and MACs Cork Lipliner, I also own MACs Fresh Brew. Touch and Fresh Brew are both Lustre formulas. Touch is a peachy brown shade, and Fresh Brew is the color of creamed coffee. Fresh Brew is lighter and has more brown undertones while Touch is darker and more peach.
The Faerie Glen, which is limited edition, is a also a Lustre formula and is a light nuetral color with pink undertones. The Faerie Glen is more similar to Touch, it is just lighter and more pink than peach.

Left to Right: The Faerie Glen, Fresh Brew, Touch
(Sorry, since they are all lustres they are pretty sheer on my arm so it was hard to get good side by side swatches)

Here are some lip swatches, one day soon I will stop being lazy and do my whole face so I can show more than just my lips lol :

The Faerie Glen

 Fresh Brew

* All swatches were done with MAC's Cork Lipliner

I think all three are great nudes for dark skin tones, Touch being my favorite and the easiest to wear. On me (NC50) Touch can be worn straight out the tube with no lipliner or gloss. For the other two i have to be more careful to avoid looking dead lol. Also Touch appears more brown on my lips than it does in the pictures, the flash emphasizes the peach. Fresh Brew is hit or miss, somedays it looks great and others not so much. I am very pleased with The Faerie Glen and can;t wait to try it with a full look!


Hair-Endipity said...

i love the nude lipsticks! im going to get some

Tierra said...

You shouldddd they are my favorite

BossyGirl1980 said...

I love nude lipstick.I may need to go to the MAC store...

Tierra said...

I love nudes as well, Ive also had a hard time find nudes that were actually nude on me and didn't make me look dead lol

Anonymous said...

I have Fresh Brew but I love the way the Faerie Glen looks on you.

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