Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hair story and first post!

 I begged my mom for my first relaxer when i was starting middle school; I wish she would have said no. I remained happily relaxed until i started college and started frequenting hair forums.
Before then the thought of being natural never crossed my mind and didn’t even seem like a possibility. Freshman year of college (2006) I had no idea what to do to my hair so weave was my friend.
Jan 2007

That friendship was short lived and by the summer after I decided I would cut my hair to shoulder length and began researching healthy hair practices.
May 2007

 I began taking care of my relaxed hair and by the summer of 2008 I was apl.

June 2008
But again i got bored with my hair and decided to get highlights. I had my last relaxer in May 2008 and got red highlights in August 2008.

Oct 2008

 I knew my relaxed hair probably could not handle highlights and decided I would go natural if it began to break off.  As I suspected, that was just what happened and I planned on transitioning. That transition failed and I self relaxed at the 8 month mark in December 2008. At that point I also cut my hair to about neck length and dyed it black.
Jan 2009

I immediately regretted that relaxer and luckily that was my last one. I transitioned for a little over a year keeping my hair cut to should length. I know i shouldnt have, but i flat ironed every other week throughout my transition, and occasionally did braid outs.  At the 8 month mark in my transition  in August 2009 I got a bob hair cut with a bang.
Aug 2009

I kepy up that hair cut, and by April 2010 I was all natural and about neck/shoulder lenght streched!
april 2010

 In the summer of 2010 i experimented a lot with wash and goes and wash and go puffs.

May 2010

Now it has been almost 2 years since my last relaxer and my hair is about apl straightened and neck lenght shrunken.

braid out Dec 2010

wash and go Oct 2010

oct 2010

Thanks for reading!


SimplyDebra said...

very pretty hair

Tierra said...

Thanks so much!

Urban Napps said...

Love your hair and your style:)

Tierra said...

Thanks Urban Napps!

JaNiya said...

what red lipstick is that? looks good on you

Tierra said...

Thanks its Macs Ruby Woo

The Brown Girl said...

Your hair is so gorgeous, I love your curls!

Tierra said...

Thanks girl!

Tawan said...

I am just starting my transition... It has been 4 months since my last relaxer and plan on getting my hair cut to a nice bob this weekend. My question is how did you wear your hair doing that transitioning process. I know you said you flat ironed every other week and occasionally did wash and go's but other than that how did you wear it on a every day basis. Because my issue is its starting to break and shed and I am trying to find ways to wear it.

Tierra said...

I didn't do wash and goes when I transitioned. But if I straightened my hair i would wrap it at night and wear it down for the week. If it was not straight I wore a braidout. Towards the end I got Senegalese twist a couple times. If your hair is breaking I wouldn't recommend straightening it. Maybe you could try kinky twist?

Tawan said...

Thanks for the advice. When you say kinky twist, is that some type of braids with extentions? So during your transition period did you have a lot of shedding?? And when you say braidout do you have any pics of how you wore it?

Tierra said...

yes kinky twist are twist extensions with kinkier hair! Look it up in google images for pictures. If you got something like that you could leave your hair alone for a while. I wore my braids outs how I do now they were just shorter. I posted about a week ago about my braidouts and posted pictures, looking at that may be helpful. I just found old Braid out pictures so I think I am about to post them now. I didn't get too much shedding. It was winter at the end of my transition so I kept conditioner in my hair with a plastic cap under a hat and left the front of my hair out occasionally.HTH!

ASingleMothersJourney said...

I love your blog! You make me want to go natural. I just relaxed my hair a week ago and cut over 12 inches off. Now that my hair is shorter I just might start the transition. My biggest problem is I only like to wear my hair down and I never wear weave or braids so I think the transition will be even harder. I would have to flat iron it but I don't know how healthy the heat will be to my hair especially since I wash my hair once a week. My hair recently started to break off so I'm now trying to find ways to repair it. I think I should practice natural styles like the curls on my girls’ hair. Any suggestions?

Tierra said...

Thank you! For the first 8 months or so of my transition I didn't wear braids or weave, I just straightened it every week and a half and wore it down and my hair was fine. Some ppls hair can take it and others can not. But if you arent interested in trying braids and weaves you could try braid outs, that way you will still be able to wear your hair out and won't have to use heat. If your hair is long enough to bun you can also try bunning until it grows out. HTH.

Anonymous said...

hi I am 15 years old and started my relaxer to natural transition about a year ago now. Is there any hair products you recommend? like olive oil or herbal essence, i've heard of these but never tried...but if you use any other products please share :)

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