Monday, March 7, 2011

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural : Dark vs. Deep Dark (Review & Swatches)

From Left to Right: Deep Dark, Dark 

If you are brown you may have some trouble deciding if you should get dark or deep dark, esp if you are around an NC 50 like me. Initially I went to the Mac counter and got matched for Deep Dark by the MA. After wearing it a couple times I realized it was a little too dark, so I ordered Dark. Dark was a much better match. Unlike Deep Dark, it didn't make my foundation look darker, but it just gave me a little more coverage and finished off the look.

MAC describes the product as:
" A luxurious domed face powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Provides perfect low coverage. Use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day."

 I love the Mineralized Skinfinish Natural  and have been using it for months. I am very glad I found it after searching for a good pressed powder. The powder is not powdery and is very natural on the skin. It has very slight shimmer so it doesn't look completely matte and one dimensional but makes the skin glow. The powder is great on its own for light to medium coverage or can be used over a tinted moisturizer or foundation as a setting powder. I haven't notice anymore breakouts than usually from using this product, but others have so keep that in mind.

From left to right: Dark, Deep Dark

**I believe Dark works best for those from NC45 to NC50 and Deep Dark works best for those NW45 or darker. It is always best to go to a counter and try it out on your own!

This picture shows the amount of coverage: 
I am wearing Dark on the left side and nothing on the right. You can see you get a good amount of coverage, you can tell especially around the eyes. And my eyes look terribleeee, haven't slept all weekend. I cant believe I posted this picture I look so plain lol.


Anonymous said...

Excellent review and you are correct with the information. :)

Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans said...

I have the deep dark, really I don't see what it does...I went to MAC to buy foundation plus my brozner, the MA used this on me, I left, & then 5 mins later went back & bought the powder, um yeah...

When you use it, after maybe sometime, does your face get alil' chalky? Or am I just using way to much?


Tierra said...

@Tanisa: Thankssss I try to be accurate lol
@Cupcakes and Cosmopolitians: You maybe using too much, I have never noticed chalkiness when I apply it to my face. You use deep dark all over your face?

Jenelle said...

Cosigning on the entire post! I have Dark and like how it looks on me. I like to spray my face with Fix+ and, while it's still wet, take a kabuki brush and apply the MSF (suggested by a MUA at the counter).

Danielle87 said...

I got matched for Deep Dark too when I went to the counter. I felt like it was too dark as well but continued to use it because I assumed since the girl at the counter matched me to deep dark then she must know what she's talking about. You just convinced me to go ahead and buy dark since we are the same color. Great post : )

Sher said...

great review hun,I have medium deep,sold the dark one

Mz More said...

Nothing wrong with looking plain sometimes lol.

I love MAC MSFN. I use deep dark and I am NW45. You are right, it's a perfect match, even when I am darker in the Summer.

Tierra said...

@Jennelle: Thanks for the tip! I need to try that. I have been wanting to get fix plus.

@Danielle:Def give it a try, I like it so much better now that I have the right color. MA always seem to match me too dark.

@ Sharon Thanks! and yea, you seem much lighter than me

@Mz More I look plain everyday now that I work with babies lol.

LCTips said...

Great Review. Very helpful information!

Millie Jay said...

Hey yes totes agree with nw45 looking great with the deep dark and dark on nc's

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